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Kings & Queens by Blaine Sabin

Kings & Queens is set in the militaristic nation of Solis. Here, citizens are born with Scars – marks of the past that grant their Vessels with abilities. Some Scars give unimaginable power. Others are nothing more than deadly curses. And for six-hundred years, the nation has lived like this under the protection of the Queen-Divines. But when the last . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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Horsey Ashes by Saltyhalibut

A horrible story for horrible people

A narcissistic idiot breaks out of his family home in search of fame and followers. Follow him and his hateable gang on the long road to Calgary as they battle slavery, marital problems, drug addiction, and horrible animal abuse. Somewhere along the line, he also develops superpowers and the ability to talk to ghosts. Based on a true story. My . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes twice weekly.
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Cardinal Meadows by Noel Goetz

A Journey of Faith in a new place.

Leonard Sommer’s story is similar to so many today who finds themselves under-employed, under-funded, and after moving back into their parents homes- ‘under the gun’ to leave. One night, Leonard happens upon an internet advertisement for a home and apple orchard which he believes to be a sign from God. Believing that this is the answer to all his problems, . . .

A partial scripted series, with no recent updates.
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Drezo Regalia by Jane Christian

Yami Hikari company had created a new game gear called the Embyro that are split into two different gears: the first is the deep dive gear called ‘Sense’ and the second is high tech glasses called ‘Alive.’ One is made to transport the players mind to a virtual world, while the other is the next generation new technology that incorporates . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly.
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Hawk’s Legend (trilogy) by Robert Turnbull Jr.

Hawk’s Legend (Trilogy) Sci-fi/ Romance/ Action/ Adventure. More novels/Novella’s & short stories to be added in the future. Free, no cookies, all works are fully uploaded and in the Adobe.pdf format No membership needed, just drop in and read or download for personal enjoyment. . . .

A collection of stories.
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The Fixer-Upper from Hell….no, Heaven!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 29, 2012: Been reading too much depressing, dark, horrific fiction lately? Then you might want to cleanse your palate with this charming, easy read. The first chapter is a little confusing as it starts and ends with events that apparently had several years between them, but the tale quickly hits its stride and keeps the reader clicking to the next chapter to find out what outrageous situation Leonard will encounter next. The writing is not particularly polished but has plenty of energy and humour. The quirky characters are distinct and unpredictable.

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Basically Everything I’m Looking For.

By TakenTongue, member

Nov 13, 2015: Disclosure: Part of a review swap, but still an honest assessment.

I say with clear intention that Kings & Queens has everything I’m looking for in a serial, because quite honestly that’s the truth. It may not be a perfect story, but it’s certainly got enough going for it for me to really want to keep up.

Kings & Queens opens with a first chapter that introduces you to its world without [more . . .]

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