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House of Harwood – Tangled Beginnings by Olivia Batker Pritzker

This is a prequel to the House of Harwood series/novella. Focusing on Clarissa “Granny” Harwood’s younger years, the story will encompass her meeting future husband John Harwood, their courtship and wedding, her introduction to the Harwood house, and subsequent transformation into the Harwood matriarch we know her to be. We will meet other family members, friends, and townspeople as the . . .

A complete series.
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Bold Traveler by Scott Salsman

Employees of a New York-based travel magazine enjoy life on the move and in the big city. Bold Traveler takes readers around the world as relationships develop and college grads find their true calling. Updated paragraph-by-paragraph every weekday. . . .

A complete series.
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Forever and a Day by Robert Hill

You find yourself in a new city, and this place isn’t like the old country town from back home. . . .  This place that you’ve found yourself in has the potential to be the start of something new. As you plane fly over California, you notice the scenery and melt in this place called San Diego, not knowing what’s ahead . . . . . . .

An ongoing scripted series, with new episodes weekly.
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