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Trillodan Exiles by Elisha Sears

In a reality where Earth is no more, humans are now residing on alien planets as refugees, trying to keep their head down and survive as a species. One such planet is Tso’got, a planet rife with corruption and misery, where strength is everything. Humankind have been accepted there since 2056, but tensions are high due to Adaptations: the impossible . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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The Helena Chronicles by SME

Espers are really no different than humans; they look like any normal human and in general behave like any normal human. However, there are a few key differences. The max life expectancy of espers ranges from forty-five to fifty. They naturally have a knack for mathematics and are extremely intelligent in general, this because their abilities rely on the subconscious . . .

A series.
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