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Editor’s First Impression

By Chris Poirier, editor

Apr 28, 2009: Sort of a galactic Air Force procedural. The narrative is jam-packed with technical terms and combat descriptions. Unfortunately, the former detract greatly from the latter. That said, it’s a fairly quick read—the prose is fairly minimalist, in its own way. Characterization is also minimal—in fact, the characters seem present primarily to drive the equipment.

Fans of Gundam Wing or the movie version Starship Troopers may enjoy it.

[Update: Dec 2009]: At the author’s request, I had a look at some of the later episodes (81, 82), and there is definitely more of a character focus than at the beginning of the series. The writing is now less minimalist, but the new focus on explanation over observation serves primarily to slow the reading down—which is not really an improvement. It’s clear the author cares about his characters; unfortunately, I found it hard to do the same, given the emotional distance created by the writing, and the fact that all the characters sound the same.

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