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In Space, everyone can hear you moan

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Feb 14, 2014: Orbital Academy is a tale of sex, space, sex, students, academy life, sex, intrigue, sex, magic, laser blasts, sex, love, doubt, heartache and sex.

Did I mention sex? This story is very firmly (all pun intended) in the erotica category. You have been warned!

The story is in part that of one Jane Auspett, instructor at the Academy, where young rookies learn to fly, pilot drones, and do lots of things to support a war that’s on (there’s always a war on). As the most hardcore (again, pun intended) instructor around, she pushes them to levels that make them the elite. Then the intrigue and mystery begins. Suffice it to say that the war is NOT what you expect, with many revelations about the people who live on the planet they all work above, the Orbitals where they all stay, and the commanders above them.

Oh, and along the way, every has sex. A lot. That may be my only quibble, is that with one or two exceptions, EVERY update has had a sex scene. It’s a bit much sometimes, and some of the tropes are obvious, for example, you can see the first threeway that occurs coming (no pun intended. THIS TIME) a klick away. The sex however is mostly well written, with a minimum of overly purple prose, and a LOT of different options. My main quibble is that everyone is pretty damn good at it, but I can’t quibble because, well . . .  I really like the sex writing a lot. The writer hits my own preferences pretty regularly, with lots of foreplay, some light power exchange, and lots of teasing.

The writing is generally pretty tight, there are a few grammatical and punctuation errors here and there, but not much, never enough to interfere with enjoyment. Characters are, aside from prowess in bed, realistic and believable. The long term story asks more questions than it answers.

If you like some good sci fi, and you like erotica, Read.

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