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Space Cadet Sex and Much More

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Feb 8, 2014: This is a playfully frisky space opera adventure. The author has noted that it started out as erotica but took on a life of its own and developed into a fully faceted webserial. Indeed, so far every chapter has included a sexual encounter described in sensual detail. Orbital Academy begins as a school story – a squad of rookie pilots start their training and get to KNOW each other, teacher too. It then morphs into an action packed adventure when they are sent on a dangerous mission. It’s not your typical space universe setting, and there have been some surprising twists so far. The writing style is lively and engaging. Erotic escapades forge bonds of love and loyalty that become the heart of the story, as danger, tragedy, and corruption challenge the squadmates and their instructor. Getting some, though, isn’t a problem.

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