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I thought, space was cold.

By Tempest, author of Mage Life

Apr 11, 2014: Right, well the other reviewers have covered the adult content. Yeah, there is a lot of it and well, its not my thing. But it is very well written. Underneath or between or behind the XXX stuff is a cool story.

It also calms down as you move along, the sex is still present, but its more woven into the story.

The gist of it is, well, I’ve sat here looking at the screen for ages trying to find the words. It’s sci-fi, space stations in orbit around a planet.

There are tensions between the various stations and the planet

This I can say with no spoilers at all.

The world that Maddison crafts is solid and believable. The characters are well formed and convincing. The plot develops at a decent rate, it doesn’t race, which in this I feel is perfect. There is plenty of time for you to get your head around the characters at the very heart of the story

So there you go, If you like erotica with a bit of character development and plot. Or like a sci-fi with a bit of spice. This is for you.

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