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By Admiralmonkeyman, author of Fuji

Nov 2, 2018: I will be referring to Vigilantes Make Us Safe as VMUS for short.

Serenity takes place in an anarchistic society where anyone may brandish their own form of justice.

Vigilantes Make Us Safe relies heavily on social and political insights, and does not shy away from talking about sensitive topics, which can be a strength and a weakness at times. Because of its braveness on tackling modern-day issues, VMUS’s reader base narrows. But this commentary also gives it an original and mostly unseen view on the political side of vigilantism.

I think A.M. Thorn captures the feeling of vulnerability and fear well in his serial. Characters are well rounded and have an array of emotions and motives, giving them a sense of depth.

One problem with VMUS is the grammatical errors, a few missing words can be found in each chapter, which doesn’t greatly hinder the reading experience, but it is something that requires attention from the author.

I enjoy how Thorn has his multiple serials intertwined yet separated from each other. It’s not necessary to read every story going on in his universe, but you’ll miss the constant nods and references, which brings a sense of satisfaction to the reader.

Serenity slowly unveils the curtain on Jia’s family legacy well, enticing the reader to move forward with ‘just one more chapter’.

I believe A.M. Thorn has a serial worth checking out, and although some parts weren’t for me, I found myself enjoying the read. And with a wide variety of stories to choose from, I think you’ll find something to enjoy as well.

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