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Liked it

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Jan 10, 2009: Zed-26 was the first of the story lines that I read. The first installment (And To All A Good Night) was my first encounter with Second Person Narrative, which simply means that the character is addressed with second person personal pronouns such as "you". It’s not commonly used, and it was refreshing to see it here. The second-person style also lent the writing a unique rhythm and flow, which served to be very engaging as a reader.

In the second [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Young Adventure

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Sep 20, 2011: "The Alarna Affair" is part of the Blackfeather series, and if the rest of the series is anything like the first, it should be a reliably enjoyable experience. It’s a fantasy epic set in a world like our own Victorian Era, with trains and steam-power, but also with magic and intrigue.

Jon Gardner, 9, and his brother Tam, 13, are travelling from their home to visit a famed archaelologist, Professor Sheridan. Jon, it seems, is a precocious young genius, while Tam [more . . .]

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