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This story is everything! Especially awesome.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jun 4, 2013: This story should be called Grease, because every time I think I have it pinned down, it slips away! I started reading on a recommendation from a friend, without actually learning what the story was about. There are some obvious Sci Fi furniture from the beginning, but it seemed more of a coming of age story, antagonistic environment drama. Then suddenly, I was in an unpowered Super Hero novel. Now there’s dark science, and more sci fi, and . . . and now we’re twisting into underworld crime thriller. It’s keeping me guessing, and some things that have been forshadowed as "obvious" will probably turn out to be something else entirely. And I look forward to the ride.

My only quibble is the editing. There are some typos, and some of the artifacts of being told in first person realistically can detract now and then from the story. More than worth overlooking though, as the plot is intricate and exciting, and I love seeing the main character having a chance to grow and blossom.

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