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The Best Webserial on the web

By TheChivalrousRogue, author of Skyborne

Jan 18, 2014: I have never given five stars in a review before, I did for this one.

It’s certainly one of the best webserials out there, and by far my favorite right now. The characters have strong personalities: quirks, faults, and their own sets of morals. The apocalyptic atmosphere is painted close to perfectly, with good narrative descriptions of the setting, people, good dialogue and a dark overall tone. Technology is believable and fits nicely into the overall motif.

So basically, it’s very well done.

Some other readers found it to be violent, and objected to it solely based on that. And I was very surprised after I started reading it, because I found the violence to be underplayed. Now, understand that I’m not some black hearted bastard that enjoys violent themes, I do not. I DO, however, appreciate gritty realism. And this blog is a reasonably realistic post apocalyptic nightmare.

The writer doesn’t describe the blood and gore in detail, he just lays out events for the reader the see; which I can respect. And it’s true, innocents die, but in honestly fairly ‘sterile’ ways. But aside from that, the writer is largely ignoring the issue of sexual violence. If you’re basing your apocalyptic world off real life, rape is going to be a present factor. That’s just how it is. (Read a history of any war if you disagree.) The "Book of Eli" and the "Road Warrior" movies are similarly apocalyptic worlds that handle the factor very well. Though I can understand how this writer wanted to avoid the hot potato and I can go along with it.

In summary concerning the violence, your average Tom Clancy or George Martin novel is MUCH darker. If you enjoyed their books, you’ll absolutely enjoy Afterlife.

If you enjoy western/steampunk/apocalyptic stories filled with violence, desperation, and survival. Afterlife, is absolutely for you.

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