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Splintered Reflections of Infinity

By SovereignofAshes, author of The Vorrgistadt Saga

Aug 28, 2016: Summation: A reality-bending glimpse into flawed, realistic personalities living within a society stuck at the nexus of all possibility. A fun ride with worthwhile characters and a lot of promise both in plot and in setting.

First Impressions: Throw The Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman into a blender with Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Add a dash of the attitudes of Monte Cook and Bruce Cordell. Mix heavily with the world-building and sense of modernistic wonder from Christopher Nolan. Then cap it all off with the deep and poignant character types and interactions from Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

Content: Dirge tries to bite off more than it can chew, but despite its best efforts, it manages to devour the limitless possibility of cosmological mega-reality rather wonderfully.

The writing style relies on hinting and showing without any forceful descriptions or extraneous exposition. It’s all done in a fast-paced style that lets the character elements and the actual events of the plot shine through.

The world-building is strong and efficient, giving you just the right sense of depth without overwhelming the reader with too much heavy-handed lore-keeping. There is a lot going on in this story with magic, ultra-tech, politics, character friction and a dose of Lovecraftian Things-from-Beyond. The slick writing done by Shaeor keeps it all manageable and engaging, so you don’t realize just how other-worldly or Way-Out-There you’re really going.

The motley crew of characters starts off with separate introductions in the prologues of the story. Yes, multiple prologues. This helps give us as readers a full introduction to the personality, events and a teaser of history about each of the separate and deep personalities that will be unified in the later chapters.

The grammar is solid and the author strives to better their writing as they go along. Already, since I started reading the story for this review, Shaeor has revised sections of the prologues to tighten them up.

One more thing worth mentioning is that the author is open to building a community around shared story-telling. Given that there is an entire multiverse of possibility in this setting, that leaves a lot of territory to explore. The author has pages that are devoted to collaborative stories and fan-fictions. I highly recommend that other authors and fans of this work take up this call and deluge Shaeor with their ideas.

In all, there is a lot of promise with Dirge and I will continue to keep up-to-date with story as it progresses. I highly recommend this fiction to others, readers and fellow authors alike. Regnum omnium mundi. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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