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Magi-punk Utopia

By Team Contract, member

Aug 6, 2016: If I were to try and categorize Dirge as a genre, I would have to go with Utopian Magi-punk. Basically think Scifi level tech that is powered by magic. Multi-dimensional beings, elementals, floating AI’s, immortal sentinels in powered armor. There is enough CoolStuff(TM) going on here to captivate fans of Scifi, superhero and fantasy.

It’s a complex world that is being set and the strong writing pulls it off from the very beginning with a set of 5 prologues.

Each prologue is in third person and introduces a character of the universe which then all combine for the first story arc as a motley crew (hence the title). The main arcs themselves are in first person and the first one follows a pretty colorful character.

The writing is fast paced, descriptive and informative without being burdensome with exposition. The characterization is fairly good as well, especially considering there are so many character introduced. This may be a slight downside, as its hard to tell where the main plot is going to be driven from or by, but your feet get firmly planted by the first arc and from there is starts to take a direction.

Reading this for the first time, it felt to me a bit like Cloud Atlas, and I mean that in a good way. We jump from character to character in different settings and predicaments, who are each vastly interesting in their own right, but eventually all the pieces connect. It that sense, the story sets you up for a fantastic romp in a universe (or omniverse) where almost anything is possible.

I would definitely recommend giving this a read. 4 out of 5 stars.

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