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Only a fool would complain.

By SnowyMystic, author of Fabled Hearts

May 10, 2015: This will begin perhaps a bit unfavorably. It isn’t so much that the beginning is rocky, as it doesn’t feel like it has achieved what it meant to achieve. The beginning I speak of is restricted to the first chapter, which can reasonably be called a prologue.

Prologues are a tricky thing generally. It is quite easy for them to delay the meat of the story, or give too much meat up front among other problems. The problem in this case, is a curious one that makes sense in the context of what Fooled is.

The prologue would be wonderful in the format of film. In the format of prose however . . . it is a bit too thick. The start would flow far better in visual. Fooled very much gives me the feeling that it’d be far better as a musical, however that isn’t to say that it is bad as a serial, or that it was never possible for it to be amazing.

Part of this problem is born from the fact that Fooled pays homage to such animated musicals, the art pieces in the updates make that clear at the least, but even the writing makes this clear. Depending on how you take it the soliloquies (for those of you who don’t know, basically monologues of characters on their own) are an attraction or a turn off.

Apart from personal taste, the soliloquies give strong insight into the emotions of the characters and the situations the characters find themselves in(basically the point of soliloquies), which in turn feeds the chemistry when the characters are together. The dialogue is quite amusing, and really I’d like it if more animated musicals had dialogue of at least that quality.

You may have noticed that I’ve not said a word about plot. That is because the plot is not really the focus here. it is serviceable. In my opinion the main attraction here is the character dynamics, the humour and so on. The plot isn’t something special, but as long as you don’t expect much of it, it should surprise you.

If you come to it expecting a grand plot filled with cloak and dagger shenanigans, then really I don’t know what to say to you. Or perhaps I do? Don’t expect that. Find something else for that expectation. That said, the situation the character are in is well done and while arising from a regular problem in fiction, is fleshed out more than you’d see in many things, web serials or musicals.

It takes a while for the villain to come into the picture, but when he does it quite glorious, particularly because the dynamic is not villain and noble prince/princess, but villain and fool. There is something fine about a good old traditional evil sorcerer done solidly.

Really if you are looking for something light and enjoyable, and with strong dynamics between the characters and don’t mind a musical wearing the flesh of a web serial, this fits that duck’s bill.

Depending on your tastes, the fact that it pays in so much to the box of the animated musical is draw rather than a turn off.

If I was reviewing a musical I had seen, I get the feeling it would be five stars though.

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