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Kat and Mouse: Guns for Hire by Abner Senires

When the going gets tough, the tough shoot back. 

It’s 2042 in the California Free State metroplex of Bay City. Kat and Mouse are a pair of ronin—guns for hire—trying to eke out a living.

They have the skill. They have the will.

And they have the bad habit of getting in over their heads.

Which usually means run-ins with rival ronin, punkergangs, the mob, the Yakuza, cyborg assassins, and whatever else Bay City decides to throw at them.

But they always get the job done.

Their way.

Heaven help Bay City . . . 

Note: Kat and Mouse: Guns for Hire contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic sexual content and graphic violence.

A series

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Listed: Jan 20, 2009

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Editorial Reviews

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Hot. Damn.

By Eli James, editor

Oct 8, 2009: I enjoyed Kat and Mouse. Fast. Funny. Lots of blood between paragraphs. Read it while liveblogging at The Dispatch. Kept me entertained.


Abner Senires has the skills. The chops, as they say in the biz. Writing reads snappy. Characters a little on the diptzy side, though. Lots of action. Good light reading. Very little commas.

Hard to imagine it as a book.

Maybe a comic.

Like I said, damn.

Kat’s a ronin. Mercenary. Mouse her sidekick. Story structured around these two. Keep getting in over their heads.

With the mob, whatever.

Lots of gore.

Somehow they always survive.

Intact, that is. They’ve got biomods. Additions to make them bulletproof, superfast, accurate, you name it.

The other characters don’t matter. Can find them in any cyberpunk novel.

Like they go by different names. Under different authors. Or something.

Emotional investment? Hah. No emotional investment.

Like I said, fast reading. Fun. Give it a try, if that’s your thing.

Just . . . don’t expect to be moved.

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Quick near-future shoot-em-up

By Linda Schoales, editor

Feb 18, 2009: “Kat and Mouse” is a fast-paced, near-future web serial about two ronins, or street mercenaries, and their attempts to make a living. The partners take jobs as hired muscle or delivery girls, but always seem to run afoul of the street gangs, Mafia, Yakuza and other rival groups in the violent underbelly of Bay City.

The stories are narrated by Kat in a laconic, sarcastic tone somewhat reminiscent of Han Solo. Kat seems to be the brains of the pair and [more . . .]

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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New pulp action.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Mar 2, 2011: Kat and Mouse is, as much as I hate the x meets y cliche, Shadowrun meets the pulp action novels, Doc Savage and the like. The action and jokes fly fast, the body count racks up, and weaponry shines and sings. The writing is quality, and the characters, a pair of self declaritve bitches, will have you coming back again and again.

The story IS a bit violent,. death coming quick and brutish, blood flowing and forgotten. Squeamish readers beware;

[more . . .]

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Action Packed and Fun Serial

By Frances Gonzalez, member

Oct 3, 2009: I appreciate a story about female heroes that don’t take any shit, and that’s basically what Kat and Mouse is about: two futuristic gun-toting, sword-wielding busty babes in the style of the Dirty Pair, wreaking havoc mission by mission.

The writing is very straightforward, more focused on action and dialogue than introspection, with sparse descriptions. The narration of Kat, laden with fluid slang, is on the mark, consistent and quick, and the highlight of the series. Kat’s relationships with her partner [more . . .]

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