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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? Sure, we can pretend I’m witty

By Billy Higgins Peery, author of A Bad Idea

Aug 19, 2013: Kliff’s Edge is a pretty entertaining read thus far. It follows May Kliff, a "genderqueer freelancer." She’s a really strong character, and I can appreciate her particular mix of self-confidence and assertiveness. Something about her just rings true, and it appears that she’s experienced in her work, which involves running around solving the weird, seemingly inexplicable problems.

The author explains that the serial is going to be composed of a series of self-contained stories which will be of varying lengths. For the first of these stories she sets up a pretty interesting conflict—a dog is hit with elephant tranquilizer but STILL manages to live and escape animal control—and really milks the mystery inherent in that.

However the core of these first few chapters isn’t focused on the case but instead shows the relationship that May shares with her older brother Max, who is some sort of junkie and abandoned the family when they needed her most. Their relationship really hit me in the gut, and I wonder where it’s headed.

Right now the serial is only four chapters, so I might come back and add more to this review later. As it stands, this is a good story.

I haven’t read Illise Montoya’s other serials, but it makes sense that she’s an experienced writer. This serial doesn’t stumble out of the gate. Still, I’m only giving it four stars right now because I think it’ll probably be getting better, and I want to leave room in my ratings for improvement.

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