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The Unexpected by Jiovaan Chetty

Kevin wakes up in his apartment one morning to find a dead woman beside him in bed. His memories of the night before are a blur and he doesn’t know who she is or how she got there. The few clues he has to go on are the dog he finds asleep in his tub, and the valuable gold figure . . .

An abandoned series.
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Ruin by TheLunarFox

Ruin is a series of interconnected stories that each stand on their own but when read together form a web of stories and moments where the lives of the people are as important as the world they live in. . . .

An abandoned series.
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The Investigators by Aman Mathur

The Investigators follows the adventures of a private investigation firm based in India. A variety of cases ranging from serial killings to leakage of funds from multi-national companies are tackled by The Investigators. Readers also get a chance to win free e-books, games and more by solving the mystery before the protagonist Dharmesh Singh does. Clues and hints are dropped . . .

An abandoned series.
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Original and Witty

By Fiona Gregory, editor

May 31, 2014: Is this the most original idea for a detective story ever? Once you get over the huge leap of disbelief, you have quite a ride awaiting you.

"Khrushchev replaced the receiver. ‘That’s it. Our first job. There’s been a murder down on the sea front.’ Stalin’s moustache reluctantly made space for a thin, menacing grin."

As you might expect, there’s some wit to be made of the situation. Gems such as Stalin [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Weird, complicated, and amazing.

By alex5927, author of Umbra: Unsanctimonious

Dec 18, 2016: The Archive of Unusual Things is an interesting read. The ideas put forth are reminiscent of a worldwide Night Vale, and the eclectic nature of the pseudo-news articles are extremely immersive, much more so than some people would be able to make it. Each article is about something different, and each thing is even weirder than the last. One of the first entries on the site is about the “Smithfield Snail Man,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The deadpan voice that permeates each article in the archive is [more . . .]

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