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Oh, by all means, do read this.

By MikaStone, member

Oct 12, 2008: I spent twenty-four hours reading this (so far three-book) series, and I mean literally. I started reading at around 7 pm friday and kept reading until 10 pm saturday. (I actually slept sometime around 6 am saturday, so it does work out.)

It was utterly worth it. I don’t usually read this kind of book- normally the mention of FBI would be enough to make me put it down, but I discovered gay love is so much more thrilling if both men are heavily armed and on opposite sides of the law. (Also, British accented burglar complete with skin-tight black cat-suit. Need I say more?)

As for the actual writing: gripping and fast-paced, with wonderful characters and a healthy dose of witty banter.

In addition, the author illustrates her characters herself, which is lovely. I’m always inclined to read something by someone who can draw worth a d**n.

All in all, this is a wonderful and worth-while read, and I can’t wait until the last book is up on the site.

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