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Worth Sharing

By BFuniv, member

Jan 3, 2010: I just sent the URL for Flying Cloud to my son, I think he will enjoy this as much as I did.

The characters are playfully eccentric and at times absurd—in a good way. Unlike more heavily handled protagonists, these fliers in no way interfered with suspension of disbelief. There were no overt agendas preached throughout the story, another element that allowed me to enter into the fun.

A few small errors were encountered in later chapters, but even this appealed to me. As a stumbling writer trying to gain my feet, it is nice to know that entertainingly well written pieces need several edits and rewrites. That of course evades the issue that a work such as this is better constructed than mine are likely achieve; even after many rewrites.

Don’t be discouraged if like me you have to acknowledge your shortcomings. Look at popular fiction and you will find many instances of best sellers that are not constituted as finely as this piece. The lottery of publication often has no logic dictating its winners.

That said – Flying Cloud is a winner.

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