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Wayfaring Princess by John Calligan

A Sweet Romantic Sword and Sorcery Tale 

Ada will do anything to keep her family safe. Conquered by an oppressive kingdom, citizen-soldiers murder her people as a rite of passage. So far, her village has gone untouched. They are the greatest archers in the land, and the king shields them in exchange for their loyalty. When he commands Ada to serve as his daughter’s archery tutor, she can’t refuse, no matter how she hates him.

But in his daughter, she finds hope.

Princess Chloe mastered magic in countless previous lives and was born into this one with a hint of that power. The oracle gave her father a prophecy: Chloe would either be a great mystic or a great queen—but he was wrong. She will be both, and she is going to prove it. The king isn’t taking chances. He burns the sacred library, banishes the philosophers, and forces her to take up the bow to please Ares and all of Olympus.

Ada risks the King’s favor and brings Chloe scrolls from the oracle—scrolls containing knowledge that transcends the gods. One day, she will be a philosopher queen, and she will turn her back on Olympus, and she will teach the people the truth, and they will free themselves.

The world won’t wait for Chloe. A powerful cultist from Ada’s homeland loses her sons in a coming of age slaughter. Grieving and vengeful, the cultist unleashes a terrible demon whose power will kill thousands on both sides. This is the opportunity the King has waited for—an excuse to rid his lands of monks, philosophers, and mystics, and to make certain Chloe never strays from the narrow path to the crown.

Can Ada stop the demon without betraying her people? Can Chloe turn against the gods without destroying her father?

Note: Wayfaring Princess contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: May 1, 2019

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If one have faith, it may be that he shall behold the gods

By Snuggle Squiggle, author of Endless Stars

May 6, 2019: Wayfaring Princess is Greek fantasy. It’s got a definite historical vibe — most evident in the dialogue, which feels stilted at first but once you’re used it, has an appreciable tinge of verisimilitude.

But I think the best genre descriptor for Wayfaring is one you don’t see discussed or tossed very often: epic.

There’s a sort of character design you see a lot in modern fiction, and it’s what most of the [more . . .]

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Read this novel!

By RM Hamrick, member

May 2, 2019: I got to beta read for this novel, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I fell in love with Ada, and fell in love with Ada’s love for Chloe. Totally shipping this thing.

The land where they live is torn by people, gods, and spirits. The battles they fight are epic and earth-shattering. And yet it’s well balanced with the clumsy, sweet romance and interjected humor.

This delightful escape can [more . . .]

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