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The Outer Sphere by Macronomicon

Making plant-based magic powers cool again!

Garth Daniels is a down on his luck handyman in a quiet little town in the middle of America when our universe is co-opted into a war between an unstoppable race of reality-hopping monsters that feed on the flesh of living creatures, and a conglomeration of thousands of realities, nested inside each other like a matroska doll. We’re the . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes thrice weekly.
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Fury: Book One of the Titanomachy by J P Koenig

Blood begets blood...

When Karson and Ax find out that their foster father has been murdered, they are out for blood. Kabiri had been a reformed gangbanger, preaching to young thugs about how to do more with their lives. What Karson and Ax expected was to have to hunt down a gang. They didn’t expect to find a strange cult. They also didn’t . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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All Kinds of Things Kill by Robert R. Best

“All Kinds of Things Kill” is a horror anthology that contains 9 stories. The stories are gruesome, frightening, perverse, imaginative, and sick; in other words, they have all the elements that go into making a horror anthology a good one. So turn the lights off, grab a blanket, and get ready to enjoy some chilling tales. . . .

A collection of stories.
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Crank by Pia Veleno

Vampires are real and their hunters are made with one careless bite.

Crandall Jacobson doesn’t believe in vampires. His life is singing for Inertia Stand, a band he loves even if he hates the name. His best friend and drummer appears to have the same lust for music but Mike also has a secret: He’s a vampire hunter. When a routine staking goes awry, and a vampire sinks her teeth into . . .

A serialized novel, with no recent updates.
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Addergoole: Year 9 by Lyn Thorne-Alder

How far down does the rabbit-hole go?

The new students to the Addergoole School knew it wasn’t going to be an ordinary boarding school from the start: it was in the middle of nowhere, and nobody’s parents were telling them anything. When it turned out to be in a bunker, hidden under an old barn in a cornfield, some of them started to think that this was . . .

A complete novel.
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Lovable characters

By Janoda, editor

Feb 13, 2010: Crank tells the story of 2 best friends, Mike and Crandall, who play in a band together. Mike has been in love with Crandall from the moment they met, but never dared doing anything about it. Their relationship changes when Crandall is bitten by a vampire, and all their secrets are laid on the table.

Pia Veleno is excellent at building characters. Both Crandall and Mike are intriguing and well-defined, and after every chapter you want to read more, because you [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Love-hate relationship with the story

By , member

Jul 29, 2013: I started reading Addergoole and found the world that the author paints interesting, so when Addergoole: Year 9 was announced I couldn’t wait to start reading it. What I didn’t like about it is that this story goes from one character to the next leaving you with questions unanswered. I like most of the characters, but it’s frustrating when you don’t get enough of your favorite characters or you want to know about something and then realize that a lot of time have passed and now you don’t know what [more . . .]

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