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Pure Fiction by Kathleen Maher

A collection of Flash Fiction and serial fiction by Kathleen Maher, author of Diary of a Heretic. . . .

A growing collection of stories, updated sporadically.
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Price Breaks and Heartaches by Al Bruno III

The somewhat true story of how I barely lost my virginity, almost missed out on true love and nearly lost my mind!

The following story is true- except for the parts I totally made up. The names have been changed to protect the people I loved and to protect me from the people I hated. . . .

A complete series.
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Lovergirl by Dahlia Schweitzer

Breaking the rules, finding yourself, and not being afraid to get a little dirty.

LOVERGIRL is a novel about one girl’s struggle to find herself amidst New York City’s sex industry. It is based upon actual experiences. Published in Germany by Random House, the book is currently unavailable in the United States. I am publishing it online, one diary entry at a time. . . .

A complete novel.
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Oh God the Rapture Is Burning by DJay32

You can survive the zombies, but you can't survive the apocalypse.

Dateline: Alternate history of Earth, Harold Camping’s 2011 “Rapture” prediction comes horribly true. From May 21st until October 21st, the sky turns red and portals open up sporadically on Earth to a surreal universe referred to as Xanadu. Cats become spidercats, ducks grow in size, the undead rise as everyone expected, and a creature roams who is best described simply . . .

A complete novel.
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How to dabble in sex work without losing your soul

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Oct 25, 2013: It’s interesting to compare this one with "Servicing the Pole", an old WFG favourite which is unfortunately no longer online. Both were written from the point of view of middle class girls who rebelled and became strippers, but StP was a grim, gritty tale of a life immersed in sex, drugs, and rock&roll to the extent that none of them were fun anymore . . . Lovergirl is a cooler look, a memoir like account (the type of details included gave me the impression that a lot of this is straight from personal experience) [more . . .]

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Quick Review: Lovergirl

By Wildbow, author of Ward

Oct 18, 2013: For what it is, Lovergirl is pretty darn good. What is it? It’s a girl by the name of Adrian, formerly chaste, deciding to become a ‘bad girl’, flinging herself into the lurid worlds of stripping, porn, S&M and prostitution.

It should go without saying that this story is for adult audiences. That said, it’s not pornography, not quite. The focus is more on the character than on the sexuality, the effects of the job on her mind, emotions and body.

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