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Blood Squeezed From Stone

By ElliottThomasStaude, author of Mourners, Abednego, Persistence

Jun 15, 2019: There have been a number of reviews of Endless Stars at time of writing this. Originally, this was to be just one of those, saying the same things that have already been said. Snuggle Squiggle is an auteur of no small skill, a regular matador of the pen who goads highly contained and relatable story from that charging vandal that is the blank page stirred to anger. Do not misunderstand, this is not to claim that Endless Stars is less than amazingly fluent in certain of the biological and earth sciences, or that the weaving of fantasy falls short of lifelike. It also is not an attempt to say that the WAY in which these peeks into the lives of their characters are done is in any way lacking, from the exceptionally expansive and multipurpose serpentine vulgate peppering dialogue and introspection to the pacing of tiny conflicts among greater ones. No; more important than any of this is the fact that this work honestly falls into a category which in my shelves has about as many members as I have limbs: it is HEARTWARMING. From the outset, these characters made a genuinely lasting impression, and I would honestly try to hug Kinri if not for the unwisdom of trying to hug a creature with an armored exterior. You have a protagonist sympathetic for adversity not borne of catastrophe or fortune, but simple anxious uncertainty of self – someone who just wants to know whether they’re really worth being called “friend” as they work to dig up deposits of exotic substrate and find crustaceans. It’s the sort of thing where you might despise everything about fantasy and still love the cast more than enough to tear through it. Check it out. Please.

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