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Good Unwholesome Fun

By noodles, author of Dark Roads

Aug 20, 2010: I don’t usually do reviews. At all. None. Zip. This is my first. As a nonprofessional nonpublished writer who writes webfic just for kicks and giggles, I feel it’s not my place to critique the efforts of the more serious and competent members of the craft. However, when I read the description of the site in question, I had to go read it for myself. Having read it, I feel I had to write a review. When I was younger, a visit to a friend’s house brought me into contact with what are called Choose Your Own Destiny books (or some such). You, the reader, were the main character. Whatever adventure you faced (and there were many, from action to horror), after a page or two, you were given a Choice. For each choice, you had to go to a different page, IE "If you wish to go on, turn to page 32. If you wish to turn back, turn to page 45. If you wish to curl up in a fetal position, turn to page 50, you pansy!". If you made the wrong choice, BAM! Your dead, and have to start over (being a foolhardy adventurer, I always made the wrong decisions and died). Well, if you liked those books, you’ll love this story. It’s a horror (but also funny) story done in the Choose Your Own Destiny style. You have to make choices and click the links that take you to the consequences of those choices. It’s fun, well-written, and engaging. I, of course, died various times, horribly; but enjoyed the experience enough to keep trying until I got it right. The tale is of a couple of reporters who enter Hell, to get the story of a lifetime that will launch their careers. What happens from there, YOU must decide! Choose your destiny!

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