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Last of the Good Guys by Mark Irwin

Texas, Shipwrecks, Salvage, Murder, True Story 

Murder, money, shipwrecks, and storms. Chasing the big one means staying one step ahead of trouble.

Bobby Rafferty escapes custody in Canada and goes on the run to Mexico, taking his young daughter with him. But he soon realizes he’s jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Homeless and broke, he leaves his daughter in the safety of a convent and enters the world of unscrupulous marine salvagers where he unwittingly becomes involved in the violent death of a Lloyds insurance inspector.

Left for dead by dangerous psychopath Howie Morgan, Rafferty teams up with Rachel Forster, the Lloyds man’s sister. She wants answers and she’s willing to brave a hurricane lashing the Texas coast to get justice for her brother. Rafferty just wants the money Morgan owes him.

It’s kill or be killed as the last of the good guys hunts a very, very bad guy through the swamps and dunes of south Texas in this fast-paced thriller.

A pdf novel, no longer online

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Listed: Jun 2, 2009


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Really shockingly good

By MrAndrews, member

Jun 8, 2009: (Note: I’m currently half way through the story, so things could change)

Wow, it’s really true what they say about "getting sucked into the story". My mind was a bit cloudy when I first opened the PDF, so it took me three tries to read the first sentence before it made sense. Two lines later, I was sucked in so badly I only (reluctantly) paused to plug in my laptop.

The writing is sparse and punchy, the characters are wonderfully odd and fleshed out, and the story really doesn’t give you a chance to breathe. Exactly what the description says. A fast-paced thriller. I will be loading it on my iPod to finish after work today.

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