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What Zombies Fear by Victor Tookes

A personal story of the apocalypse. 

This is my story of post apocalyptic survival, as best I can remember. After the outbreak, with the help and support of friends and family, we created a safe, secure place for my son to be a child and grow up in a zombie infested world. There were troubles with neighbors, huge zombie hordes, and battle, but we always tried to find time to enjoy one another and make the world a little bit better.

    – Victor Tookes

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Aug 24, 2011

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Editor’s First Impression

By Chris Poirier, editor

Aug 23, 2011: Half memoir, half conventional narrative, both told in the same flat voice. The writing does improve a bit in more recent episodes (the story is now into book 2), but it doesn’t ever become exciting or compelling. If zombies are your thing and you can’t get enough, it’s probably worth a look; otherwise, probably not.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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Long time reader, short time register

By Michael Stevens, member

Sep 5, 2011: I have interviewed Victor Tookes and he admits "I’m not saying that I’m writing literature . . .  . . . I’m sure one could pick a billion holes in my writing. I just don’t get flat."

Starting as a hobby for friends to share stories it has expanded into a larger then expected fan base of over 400+ hits a day as a rolling average.

Tookes includes himself as the main character acting from what he know in real life and forcing it onto his charcter’s personality. His son Max is also included in the story with a a twist on the whole Zombie genre that has not yet arisen in any other literature of the same nature.

Further friends are found after a realistic attitude of loss vs the power of parenthood is portrayed, but is skimmed over, seemingly due to hardship.

The story is being typed up from memory so it is told from the Character to the public via type writer. So it seems the less prominant thoughts of his past is skipped over until anither event arises.

The writing is obviously not of up there with King, Eddings, Rice, Gharzeddine or Orwell, but he does keep readers coming back as they cross paths with his site.

The characters that revolve around Tookes and Max are his mother (The cook and strategist), his brother Marshall (Like his hammers and strength), his Australian friend John (Ballistics and Aussie-isms) the half Australian half Spartan close friend Leo (Blades and nimbleness).

And a group of many more characters.

A couple of side stories were added by the people whom the characters of Leo and John were based on.

Personaly, I like John, he is down to earth, isn’t careful with his language, and is seems so relaxed. From what I’ve learnt, he is a typical outback Aussie and with an outlook of "such is life" is an obvious trait. This doesn’t mean he has no regards or feelings, he just accepts the reality of the situation and adapts accordingly.

The story fights it’s way through critics that believe this story was meant to be next in line after Churchill, when in fact (as mentioned earlier) is a simple hobby that exploded to 250 times more readers then the first month.

If you like an easy read, a new twist on apocalyptic scenarios (with some good tips and some things that you should not do) I would say give this story line a try. After the 10th page I was hooked.

I hope for my first review I have done well.

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