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Joined: Jul 7, 2008

I don't pull punches on reviews. Mine have a tendency to be honest which people may not always like. I judge based on the first five chapters, six if you have a prologue (or posted pages, whichever comes first). I need to be hooked pretty much immediately, otherwise I'm not going to read on.

It's all about first impressions for me. No three strikes and you're out. In that vein, I won't keep reading at the behest of the author because it "gets good" later on nor will I read a rewrite after I make a review. Why? For the former, I don't start a story in the middle. I start at page one. It needs to be good there. For the latter, you don't get a second chance at a first impression. I'm not critiquing, just reviewing.

I review based on all aspects of writing (grammar, punctuation, world building, continuity, character building, etc.) and site design. It can be the greatest story in the world but if I have to wear sunglasses and squint at the screen to read it, it's not getting read. I'm not afraid to point out your flaws but I'll make sure to let you know what works as well. I'm not entirely evil.

As for what I like to read, well, taking a look at what I recommend is a good start. I like stories that make me feel for the characters immediately, however that may be. I like stories that have a unique world (doesn't necessarily mean fantasy), realistic people and situations that compel me to move forward. And return to read it again. And perhaps even buy the Lulu version. Good writing equals good reading.

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