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Joined: Jun 30, 2008

I've been interested in books since I was old enough to walk to a shelf and pull them down and try to figure them out. And then I actually learned to read, and things really started rolling. I could try to impress you with credentials, like the fact that I have a degree in English Literature, and test scores, but really, the thing you need to know is that I love the power of imagination.

Books are unique in the artistic field in that the writer and reader must have a meeting of the minds for a story to truly have an impact. You can see a painter's work, experience a director's vision of a film. But your own imagination has to interact with the writer's words to create the story world. And what amazing worlds there are, on the printed page!

However, traditional books lack something the online world has: interactivity between writer and audience, and frequent updates. Online serials are exciting and experimental. I believe in their value as an emergent art-form. I get excited about well-written stories, with interesting plots, realistic characters, and creative details. I'll find them.

And then you can come along for the ride. You'll be glad you did.

Explanation of how I rate:

5 stars go to stories I try to read daily, with creative concepts, excellent characterization, and interesting plots. Usually they feature really accessible writers who interact with their audience. These are my personal favourites.

4 stars go to stories with great concepts and imaginative worlds, but with minor flaws in some aspect of the writing that keep them from being my personal favourites. Such minor problems are outlined in reviews, alongside the positives.

3 stars go to good solid stories that just don't capture my attention on a regular basis. Maybe the plot is too slow, or fragmented. Maybe the characters are derivative or static. Maybe it's a great concept that just hasn't been pushed to its full potential. But it's still a fun story.

2 star and 1 star ratings: I give this rating when I think an author would benefit from an audience willing to comment on stories to improve them.

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