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Joined: Sep 24, 2008

I'm married, live in NYC, and mostly write serial blog fiction, which unless I've lost interest after a few yeas, I reconstruct and rewrite as a novel or novella. But starting with fiction written in episodes of 1000 words has become (mostly) a joy—and a necessary discipline. For several years I had a blog called Diary of a Heretic, which WEB FICTION GUIDE very generously reviewed. I wrote several serials on that blog, but the main one, "Diary of a Heretic," is now an e-novel with pathetic sales but great reviews. From that blog, I also published a novella in e-format, "Underground Nest." These publications required me to give up and start a larger site: "Kathleen Maher's Pure Fiction," where I'm currently writing a serial fiction called "James Bond & the Girls of Woodstock." It's still an experiment and appears on the menu as "Work in Progress." I first engaged with these characters in a fast, sprawling series on my first blog. That crazy attempt concluded a hectic phase of nearly nonstop writing and and minimal rewriting. As a lifelong perfectionist, I found that manic phase exhilarating and scary. Of course, the results were mixed, but I'm glad to have experienced it. Now I write approximately 20 pages for each one I keep. Everything I post, whether a serial episode, a flash fiction, or a quote from my novel includes a graphic. My site also offers flash fiction, which WEB FICTION GUIDE recently reviewed, for which I'm extremely grateful. Also included are interviews about my e-books, links to reviews, and links to the books. The site's "blog section" includes quotes from my books, sneak peaks at the novel I'm currently trying to publish, ideas about writing, and other miscellenea, not all of it fiction, yet very much related. Most of these vignettes I composed last year while writing a novel off-line loosely based on an early story from my first blog. I was also at that time finishing and posting a long serial, which I've since taken down with the intention of composing it as a sequel to my latest novel. (I know taking things down ruins my analytics, but my writing benefits from being on-line at first, and then off-line for exacting and prolonged scrutiny.) "James Bond & the Girls of Woodstock" is just beginning to take off. The characters are eccentric and numerous, but I'm using the perspective of only two of them. The story is very real to me, so reining it in is the big challenge.

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