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Joined: Jul 1, 2008

So how do I review?

I would not consider myself a critic. I try to be fair and straightforward when I write a review.

So what do I look for in a story?

Since I prefer character driven stories, I usually look at the characters mostly—are they real, three dimensional individuals? Can I relate to them, do I like them, do I love to hate them?

But, most of all, I look at the story as a whole, because I'm not really a fan of dissecting everything. I look to see if a story affects me in some way—whether it makes me laugh, or cry, or think. If a story does this, then it's a good bet that I will love it, and review it accordingly.

P.S—with the many submissions we've been receiving, I've decided to implement a rule of thumb: me mum always said that I should read three chapters of a book before deciding to put it away. I'll give you five, which is a random number inspired by Donna's system.

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