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Joined: Sep 25, 2016

Published author of numerous Science Fiction, Flash Fiction, FantaSci and Biker stories. Yes . . . a Biker-nerd.

His time in the service (USAF), and riding with a rougher crowd, has left enough skeletons in his closet to crush a small car.

His political slant, biker attitude/lifestyle and previous experience editing a motorcycle magazine, along with homegrown writing skills, have led him to produce and contribute numerous stories and articles into various media outlets (Science Fiction, FantaSci, Biker, Detective and technical).

He also has a variety of writing projects going at any given moment, including three series of SciFi books (Fabric of the Universe Series, Maestru Series and ManaTech). He is working on the first book of the Maestru series called “Blood of Invidia” with his son Morgen (who resides in Australia).

Short Story works include The Future is Short Vol 1 and 2, as well as Visions II: Moons of Saturn.

The ongoing WEBisodes of “PULPED!” are free to read, as is his fanfic, on this site. Enjoy.

He currently lives in East-Central Wisconsin with his Wife and two dogs.

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