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Tales from Helitheren by Sanlade and RcaH


A website publishing Fantasy short stories once a month, all in realms of Helitheren.

Note: Tales from Helitheren contains some graphic violence.

A collection of stories

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Listed: Apr 2, 2013


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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

May 11, 2013: Even though I’ve read the four chapters currently available for this story, I still feel I should call it a first impression, since it doesn’t feel like the story’s quite gotten off the ground yet. The idea behind this collection of short stories is that they’re all supposed to be about Helitheren, a new fantasy world that two young authors have come up with. I can see that the two seem enthusiastic about their writing, and their world.

With that said, I really haven’t seen much yet that seems to be truly new. Stories with dragons, brave and foolish warriors and hunters, magicians that can give death and life, have all been written about many times before. Although I’d like to, I haven’t yet seen anything that these authors could consider something they truly came up with – for example, a new race of people that they imagined, a different way of working with the forces of the world that isn’t magic, etc. What I’ve read so far just seems like a different mix of a lot of other fantasy novels I’ve read. In the future, I’d really like these two authors to dig deep from an imaginary standpoint and find a way to mark this world as truly a creation of their own minds, rather than an amalgam or extension of what they liked from other fantasy stories.

Another thing I’d like to see the authors focus on is characterization. Three protagonists have been introduced in the four stories currently written, but I haven’t been able to really connect with any of them. The one I was able to identify with the most, the hunter, had a lot of the details and information that can help a reader bond with a character – a view of his life from his eyes, showing where he was strong and weak, an idea of what he values. His dialog with the creature in the story, however, sounded so unlike what a person would say (in particular, what this person might say), I was just sort of thrown out of the story. I’d love to see more work done on this in the future, especially for the necromancer, who seems interesting but is a particularly opaque character, even though more has been written about him than anyone else so far.

In addition, although much of the language usage is good, I think both of these authors would benefit from working with an editor due to the tense, dialog punctuation, and incorrect usage errors I spotted. At any rate, it’s actually a good way to grow a lot as a writer in a very short time, so I definitely recommend it.

This might be a the sort of story that die-hard fantasy fans would like, but I can’t find as much to recommend it as I’d like. I’d love to see these two authors put some more work into their worldbuilding, fleshing out their characters, and these stories, and I’d be most interested in seeing what they’d come up with as a result.

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