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Improvisational Oblivion by Ron Andrew ODaniels

Short weird Fiction

Short Slice of life fiction and some serial short fiction. Strange and weird. The site also includes video and some occasional video also by the author. All is written as it falls out and published immediately thereafter. . . .

A growing collection of stories, updated almost daily.
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.fictions. by ljones by Laura Jones

Vignettes which blur the distinction between what is most definitely fiction and what is less convincingly false. . . .

A collection of stories.
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The Pandoran Artifacts by Enrique Bedlam

A collection of short stories about an ancient evil that releases a collection of dark, powerful artifacts unto the world, each designed to bring about the end of humanity.

It all started with a deck of tarot cards from the world beyond given to a man to tempt humanity into their own destruction. Each story there is a new artifact, designed to twist its victim into aiding in the destruction of the world. This is a group of short stories which deal with horror, the unknown and humanities tendency . . .

A collection of stories.
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Overwatch by Taulsn

The story of a guy too dangerous to become a villain. The story of a girl who wants to rebel against her parents. The story of a girl who wants to find an old lover. The story of a healer who really can’t cut it. The story of a hero too dangerous to become one. Overwatch is a collection of . . .

A collection of stories.
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I am filled with envy…

By Sarah Suleski, editor, author of Sidonie

Aug 31, 2008: Laura Jones ability to write short stories and vignettes fills me with not a little bit of envy! Mostly I admire the skill and I love scrolling through my LiveJournal Friends’ list to find a snapshot of story. I’m never sure when I’m reading pure story and when I’m getting a cleverly disguised blog entry. Are her characters just characters? What inspired this latest scene? But you can never just assume that everything is a scene from real life, names changed to protect the not-so-innocent—much like the WFG tagline says, [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Beauty in Vignettes

By LondonIvy, member

Sep 14, 2011: The writing reflects the characters. Most of them are common, everyday people who are not writers, and it shows in the prose. But this doesn’t mean there’s not beautiful paragraph here and there that is astounding. No, the prose never gives way to being writerly. It is mostly written in the character’s voices and at their skill level, yet the beauty comes purely from people experiencing their lives and describing it honestly and truthfully. It made me reflect on how perhaps people who are not trained as writers (and I’m [more . . .]

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