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North of Reality by Uel Aramchek

North of Reality is an explorable fiction space updated three times a week that covers a wide variety of unusual topics, from Rubik’s cube-based theology to the anatomy of wishing wells. Each piece within can either be read as an independent work, or as part of a larger cosmology. . . .

A growing collection of stories, updated thrice weekly.
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Fun Nonsense and Short-short-fiction

By TCC Edwards, author of Far Flung

Mar 22, 2016: North of Reality is a delightfully eccentric collection of short fiction and entries that may have been taken from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

There seem to be two main styles of entries on the blog. Some are self-contained pieces of fiction, like the poignant "Then Before If". These pieces seem to play around with physical and metaphysical concepts, making the reader think deeply about time travel and other such possibilities.

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