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Random Editorial Review

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Interesting collection of short stories

By Linda Schoales, editor

Feb 19, 2009: “Flesh Phantoms” is a collection of short stories written by one author. Some of them are very short, more like story fragments or the author’s thoughts, while others are a more conventional length. They’re all interesting, sometimes bordering on brilliant. The tone varies between whimsical and sardonic, but there’s almost always a touch of wry wit lurking in the background, as well as some serious thought and social commentary.

The writings are grouped into 7 “Filters”. The stories in “100 Words” [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Not Quite a Serial

By JPV1000, author of Warbler

Nov 6, 2015: So here’s the thing: Thousand Word Blog isn’t exactly a serial. It’s a regularly updating blog with short fiction, some of it quite good. I liked a lot of the stories on there. I will likely read more. It’s excellent for just finding something short to read, but don’t go looking there for something actually serialized. Like I said, many stories are quite good, others are a little meh, but they deal with radically different subject matter. It’s worth it to go and check out the site, but don’t expect [more . . .]

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