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Deeper into the rabbit-hole

By EramosE, author of Kaiserin

Oct 19, 2013: After Addergoole I didn’t think twice to start reading Addergoole 9, same dark setting, same twisted rules, same mind control, but not quite the same story. Instead of following just three characters through their first year at school now we follow all the students of year 9. The stories are great, the setting too, but its just frustrating, having so many characters you feel like you just don’t have enough, just glimpses of the whole story with pieces of every individual story, it keeps you wanting more and getting frustrated because weeks go between the characters intervention and you just don’t know what happened in between. For example, you have this jerk mind controling and plain abusing the poor girl he got under his control despite her best efforts to resists, and in the next installment you have a not so bad keeper with her not so resisting keep, but how did things got to that stage? If you really want to know you have to pay for a bonus story, but you don’t always get the answers you were hoping for, sometimes you even end up with more questions. I don’t know, I just love the setting and I love the characters, but I feel cheated not having a coherent story, I just wished that instead of having so many main characters (that feels like you don’t have a main character at all) it would have been better to have just one or two characters, or even three like in the original Addergoole.

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