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Stick It Out and you’ll be Amazed

By Nico H, author of Nicoserial

Jul 13, 2017: Stick it out? That’s right, the first few chapters have some clumsy phrasing. The foreshadowing is appreciated but a bit obvious, and the characters aren’t incredibly defined. All of these problems are shed to the wayside as the story continues, and it goes from a mildly interesting story with some unimpressive execution, to an entirely compelling read that kept me up late reading. I was so interested by this story that I completed the entire thing in under 24 Hours.

So what is it about? Well, in terms of other media, imagine if The Santa Clarita Diet met up with Daredevil and Durarara. It’s a fresh new take on the superhero concept, not only having the enemies be human (but still a huge threat to the superhuman protagonist) but having the superhero be two unusual things. 1: A realistic teen who’s impulsive and makes bad decisions all the time. 2: A vampire.

I really like the idea of a superhero whose powers are the result of being another type of supernatural creature, deciding to use the innate abilities for good. It’s been done in some ways as a vampire becoming a vampire hunter, but I prefer this version. When it comes to raw ability, our protagonist Alexis is superior to any human she encounters. However, she’s /barely/ clever, very impulsive, doesn’t think ahead, and is constantly disgusted by the fact that she needs to drink blood. Also, can’t you sympathize with somebody who’s been thrown into a situation in which all of her favorite foods now taste like utter garbage? By having Alexis face off against and often fail to defeat (or defeat without disaster) human opponents, it really shows how it takes more than just power to be a threat, and how she’s only trying her best to make the most of her curse.

An interesting feature of this serial as well that I noted were the interludes. At the end of each story arc, it shifts to a third person perspective focused in on a side character. It’s nice to see through the eyes of somebody other than the main character from time to time, and these interludes really gave off a feeling of bleakness in the world that we see throughout the story.

All in all, I’d say that this is most definitely worth a read! Just don’t hold the early chapters against it.

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