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A Terror for Malcolm, a pleasure for me

By Maromar, author of Mystic Nan

Apr 17, 2017: Firstly, I must commend Rev. Fitz for his use of inkblots on his website, it fits tastefully with the story’s main source of conflict, Malcolm’s own mind.

At first, the style and writing mechanics are minimalistic, but tight. Just enough information is given to set the scene, and no more. This does wonders for trivializing the physical world, lending greater impact to Malcolm’s inner crisis. Later, Rev. Fitz treats us with more elaborate prose that incorporates many scenery aspects with his ongoing plunge into madness. I may be reading into this too much, but it is my belief that this progression effectively depicts the increased severity of Malcolm’s outbreaks.

Despite mulling over a million dour topics a minute, there seems to be little character development other than Malcom becoming more and more of a bleak person. This is not a bad thing. Humans naturally have such low points, some lower and longer lasting than others. The story evokes a dual sense of schadenfreude and sympathy, the former of which kicks in the moment readers realize that Malcolm isn’t merely musing, but sprinting full tilt at the proverbial edge of self-termination.

It only punches in one place, but punches extraordinarily well. It’s a breath of fresh air after reading through mountains of slush that tries hard to transcend its own ideas, only to break themselves in the process. This work deserves a sparkling recommendation.

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