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Strange Light In Today’s Night

By SamNye, author of Small Town Ravaging

Sep 5, 2011: The protagonist in this story, Ajax, is a little bit on the overly snappy side, having said almost nothing nice to anyone in the story up to the point that I read, but it fits his state of mind quite well. His father and partner are losers who depend on him to feed THEM, instead of the other way around, and he is struggling with a plethora of problems that make his bitter mindset all the more justified. The story moves along fairly quickly, and the writer seems to have pretty good grasp on how to end each "Illumination" (the chosen word for chapters on the site) with a bit of suspense that makes you want to read the next one. Today I only meant to read the first, but just HAD to read the second, then the third, etc. The prose is witty and you almost get the feeling that the writer is in the same mindset as Ajax, which suits the story extremely well. The only downfall in the story that I see so far is that it’s kind of hard to relate to the character, with one bit of bad news after another and his rejection of helping hands with such a casual air, but overall this is worth reading and anyone who likes a witty, fantastical story should definitely give this a look. Chances are, the first section will make you want to read the second, and so on until you have to force yourself to walk away. Good job. Definitely deserving of at least four stars.

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