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Desperate for more Skymoore

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Oct 28, 2016: I’ve been waiting eagerly for Odd & Ends to make it through the submission queue so that I could leave it a review for at least a month now, although I see that I’ve been beaten in leaving the first review! Still, this is a fantastic project and well worth anyone’s time.

It is based in the magical floating city (I mean, of course a floating city is magical, but there is more magic going on as well) of Skymoore, which is populated by improbable, impossible and often wacky individuals and their bizarre adventures. Or as they would think of them, every-day lives.

The various threads of the story are held together by the titular shop, a magical emporium opened by a mysterious newcomer to the city, but many of the entries are slice-of-life tales that stand pretty well on their own. Having said that the last couple of entries suggest that a plot may be afoot. The entries vary hugely in length, so rather than a regular event each new chapter feels like a lucky dip in what you will get.

This is not a serious, gritty story. It is hilarious, good natured and highly imaginative storytelling. If you’d like a bit of sunshine in your life from the city that’s closest to the Sun you should definitely give it a try.

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