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Although it’s a fantasy setting, it’s the characters that keep you coming back.

By Avery Tingle, member

Sep 14, 2009: “Diamond Dust” revolves around a young girl named Max who has lived with a voice predicting the apocalypse since she was four. Thirteen chapters into this story, what really grabs me is how well-illustrated the environments and character relationships are. Ms. Gonzalez brings Boston to life with ease and vivid clarity, making for a personal and very plausible read. You feel as though you walk directly beside Max, through the outdoor bustle of a shopping center to a symphony performance. The words come together very well, stringing together nicely to paint incredibly vivid imagery.

Equally plausible is the relationship between the characters, especially Max and her mother. A scene I particularly enjoyed was when Max was caught sneaking back into the small apartment she shared with her mother. Her mother’s irritation turning to anger makes one wonder how often Ms. Gonzalez may have snuck in herself, to be able to recall parental reactions with such detail.

Also enjoyable is Max in this exchange; although her resistance when opening up with her mother could be dismissed as typical teenage angst, in truth, she’s holding something far more sinister back. But I won’t tell you what it is. You should read this story to find out.

I really don’t have any complaints about this story. Ms. Gonzalez uses a theme on blogspot that makes the story easy to read without straining the eyes. No entry is very lengthy, and the depths of her characters makes you want to know how it will all end out. A very solid, enjoyable read, and I look forward to resuming.

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