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The Admonishments of Kherishdar by M.C.A. Hogarth

Crime and Punishment in an Alien World

In Kherishdar, when a person commits a crime, they become their sin. . . .  Suicide. Rape. Child Abuse. Addiction. Twenty-five crimes. Twenty-five stories. Twenty-five narrators . . . and one minister over them all, to judge, convict and Correct the faulty: the priest who serves Shame. This companion volume to The Aphorisms of Kherishdar explores the wayward and their journey back to society, offering . . .

A collection of stories.
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By MeiLin Miranda, author of The Machine God

Jul 27, 2010: I’m only at the beginnings of this, but if it’s half as good as "Aphorisms" I’ll be happy. 🙂

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