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Whimsical supergirl vigilante, with cats

By Fiona Gregory, editor

May 25, 2017: Ok, it was probably the promise of cats that drew me in, though to be honest, in the part I read they are present but not particularly strong characters. More could be done with this idea, and perhaps is in later chapters.

The story is built around the purposeful wanderings of a girl, or some kind of being in the form of a girl, with teleportation and other powers, in the company of a herd of cats that follow her around and tell her things. Her mission is to bring happiness and random acts of kindness to worthy folks she encounters, but this also involves casually knocking off some bad guys, which she does in a naive and whimsical way. Even her cat followers are slightly horrified by this.

I found the writing a bit stilted, but the language was simple so the reading went quickly enough. I read the first three chapter vignette; there are several others that I didn’t read so I’m just assuming they went in a similar vein. The story didn’t particularly sell me, but it is distinctive enough to recommend as worth a look.

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