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Polished urban fantasy slice-of-life, with a larger plot woven through

By Krako, member

Jan 20, 2019: It’s about a bartender in a hidden community of supernatural beings. I won’t summarise any more because I don’t want to spoil the skillfully crafted beginning. The author has a real flair for indirect exposition; world, character, and plot information is introduced subtly and gradually. Pay attention to details and you will be rewarded. Notice, for example, that the serial’s very first line of dialogue sets up for a later plot point.

Most of the tropes of conventional urban fantasy are thankfully avoided in Nimue’s Bar. The magical elements mostly aren’t anything special, with the exception being the protagonist’s condition, which passively affects the environment and people’s minds. It’s a great mechanic that adds much to the character and the plot.

The cast, in general, is fleshed out and interesting. The protagonists are relatable and the antagonist is detestable. As a slice-of-life work, most of the plot so far is small-scale, but there’s a larger story of a black vs. grey political conflict going on in the background.

Not much to say style and grammar-wise. It’s third person present tense with few typos. There’s the occasional wrong tense, but it’s not very distracting.

I have one problem with Nimue’s Bar, which is an arc with a silly side story-esque tone. I don’t think it’s strictly a bad subplot; it’s funny and it does develop several of the characters. But it’s jarring when people who are usually quite human and three-dimensional act like exaggerated cartoons. It doesn’t take away my enjoyment of the serial though, and it might appeal to someone who likes to have a serious main plot broken up by goofy hijinks.

I recommend Nimue’s Bar.

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