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I’m Already Hooked

By Scott Scherr, author of Don't Feed The Dark

Feb 13, 2018: My review of The Vessel is based on the first arc in this series, or the first ten chapters. However, I have every intention to keep on reading this well-crafted space tale . . . I’m already hooked.

Imagine yourself on a one-way trip thirty-nine light years away from our dead Earth, the victim of long-term environmental abuse, on the most sophisticated space vessel ever created, known as Ark One. More than ten-thousand souls traveling toward the distant galaxy of Trappist-1, theorized to be where we’ll find our new home . . . if such insanity can be believed. The Vessel begins with 1,077 years completed out of a 1,200 year journey into the unknown darkness. These Earth survivors are ‘reborn’ for approximately one year out of every one-hundred years spent in cryogenic sleep, while all ship’s functions are meticulously overseen by the vessel’s ‘god’—a highly advanced artificial intelligence named, Sunn. This intriguing premise alone immediately lends for some great storytelling possibilities down the road.

I was most impressed by the balance and introduction of well thought out characters, each with their own side stories to explore; a creative attention to details in regards to the culture and quality of life within this planet-like ship; and the dark, slowly-creeping-up-on-you mystery in which the writer does a masterful job of poking at, without giving anything away before its time, creating a foreboding undertone that can clearly be felt as The Vessel builds toward that reveal.

As a writer, I’m already speculating on all the different directions this story could go, while as a reader, I appreciate being thrown into deep space and I’m left wondering if I’d rather stay in cryo-sleep rather than face whatever sinister forces are at work behind the scenes.

I’ve got nothing critical to say about this story. I was in the mood for a great sci-fi tale, and I found it. Highly recommended.

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