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The Slush Pile by Hal Matthews

The Slush Pile is a weekly short-fiction blog run by Hal Matthews that runs the gamut of speculative fiction. Updated every Wednesday, the stories can range in focus from power-armored paladins looking for love at the edge of space, to boys getting high with the monsters in their closets. . . .

A growing collection of stories, updated sporadically.
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Not All Heroes by Rhodeworks

Not all apocalypses are cataclysmic

The year is 2061. The Golden Age of empowered heroes ended in the cataclysmic fires of The Collapse. Costumed demigods brought the world to a dire precipice and individuals and institutions are still picking up the pieces, still walking the precarious tightrope of a world-shaking paradigm shift. The world is not as it once was. The relics of the . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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Stasis by samberk

For the greater good of serenity

Peyton Williamson has always felt like he hasn’t belonged. In the idyllic City, everyone seems to know exactly what they’re doing and exactly who they like—except for him, of course. Being shipped to the Academy, the school all adolescents must attend to become full members of society, barely helps at all. If anything, the realization that the world he’s spent . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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Noli Me Tank in a Mall by Carlo Marco

Alternate history fiction LN style about the Philippine Revolution

Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo are important cultural works that exposed to the populace the abuses and the injustices of their Spanish colonial masters. The execution of their author, Jose Rizal, sparked the Philippine Revolution. Now let’s see what happens in this fictional world if we give it the Light Novel treatment and jam the Internet into their . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Monochromatic by Ian Battaglia

This is a collection of short stories I write weekly, under the banner of Monochromatic. While there are consistent themes and interests, there’s no through line for the work. The genre swings from sci-fi to fantasy to realistic fiction and back. The stories vary in length, but are mostly short, intended to be quick reads. Perhaps comparable to the . . .

A growing collection of stories, updated weekly.
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Scientific Tales by Charlotte Hillebrand-Viljoen

steampunk asteroid city-states

Scientific Tales is a series of stories about steampunk asteroid city-states. It features diverse people, many of whom like science, doing science, amongst other things, in accurate and realistic (that is, realistic for steampunk asteroid city-states) fashion. It looks like this: After Earth burned, the remnant of humanity was contained in the self-sustaining asteroid mining colonies. Carey Atkinson declared . . .

A series.
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Fresh Monsters by Mike

I like horror stories. You do too. How convenient. I write, horror, thrillers, speculative, crime, short stories, flash fiction – different towns of writing, but they’re all in the same province. It’s literary junk food, but I still think it tastes pretty good. Feel free to take a gander. Let me know what you think. If you keep . . .

A growing collection of stories, updated sporadically.
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Too good for a slush pile!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jan 22, 2017: The Slush Pile is a collection of about 35 short stories, most science fiction or futuristic, with a fair sprinkling of horror, urban fantasy, and real life. It’s not always clear which of these a story is going to be when you start reading it, so I recommend you pick randomly from the table of contents rather than "Browse by Genre" to avoid spoilers!

These are the best kind of short stories, because they drop you right into an interesting scene [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Fine superhero fiction

By Walter, author of The Fifth Defiance

Apr 23, 2018: I thoroughly enjoyed my read through of Not All Heroes.

The author has taken on an ambitious task, the creation of a superhero universe as seen through the eyes of three disparate protagonists. They pull it off with panache.

Not All Heroes’ protagonists (despite the name, I wouldn’t go so far as to say heroes) bounce off one another in engaging fashion. Each has their own perspective on the ongoing mayhem, and [more . . .]

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