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Outstanding fantasy

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Oct 12, 2014: Update Dec 31 2014: I’ve now been following this serial for several months – it’s very compelling, the writing quality is high, and the updates are very generous and consistent (highly dedicated author). It’s become evident there’s considerable depth to this story: background, plot, and characters. This serial is based off a fairly standard fantasy genre, with its own unique set of twists and takes on the world, yet it is a standout in the field. A great choice for anyone looking for a new fantasy serial to follow.

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Random Member Review

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I See Dying People…

By TheStorymonger, author of The Firewall Saga

Apr 14, 2016: For me, Deathwatch was a delightfully refreshing discovery. Set in an intriguing fantasy world with airships, subtle magic, and diplomatic intrigue, the story stars two young military cadets whose forbidden love for each other launches them on separate journeys.

Kieron ends up on a military airship, where his condition allowing him to predict the deaths of others presents an unusual danger.

Jet is captured by slavers and sold to a powerful man [more . . .]

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