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Outstanding fantasy

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Oct 12, 2014: Update Dec 31 2014: I’ve now been following this serial for several months – it’s very compelling, the writing quality is high, and the updates are very generous and consistent (highly dedicated author). It’s become evident there’s considerable depth to this story: background, plot, and characters. This serial is based off a fairly standard fantasy genre, with its own unique set of twists and takes on the world, yet it is a standout in the field. A great choice for anyone looking for a new fantasy serial to follow.

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Random Member Review

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Deliciously Vicious

By J.A. Waters, author of From the Moon: Home

Mar 2, 2015: Sabot is a living breathing monster born from a thousand words mashed into context and lexical clues. Fictional names for fictional things have a fitting pattern to them of type of person or kind of creature that provides understanding while being completely new and vibrant. Then enter Rat, a vicious byproduct of a city where everything is a turf war and nothing lives uncorrupted. She occupies the space of life that isn’t living, its survival. Only the streets truly know her ache and beaten soul, but stone is a silent [more . . .]

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