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A different kind of paranormal agency

By zoewhitten, member

Jun 6, 2010: The review is only for book one: RoYds

It’s hard to sum up a book that covers so much time, but the main character is Elizabeth Whyte, and the modern story follows her work with the Refuge of Delayed Souls. But a great deal of the book also journeys back in time to reveal information about the creator of the refuge, other refuge members, and Elizabeth’s ancestors.

I liked the pace of the story and found most of the characters interesting. However, the ending of the first book feels rushed. This is a webseries, so perhaps the conclusion felt right as the cutoff point to the writer, but I felt it suffered from missing details and a good closing line.

Setting that aside, I very much enjoyed the first book, and I will be starting book two, Billy, very soon. I give RoYds 4 stars.

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