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Heretical Edge by Cerulean


When Felicity ‘Flick’ Chambers boards the bus for the first day of her junior year in high school, the most important thing on her mind is how to make everyone else take the school newspaper as seriously as she does. As a self-styled investigative reporter, she’s spent years picking through the monotony of her small town to find those few dark spots that make for compelling articles.

And yet, that search for the most remarkable of stories ends when Flick disembarks the bus to find herself in a place far away from anything she’s ever known. She faces a door that will lead her to a world where she will be taught alongside her new peers to use their extraordinary gifts to protect the mundane world from the monsters that lurk within the shadows.

One thing gives Flick and her new classmates the ability to find and defeat these creatures. One thing separates them from the average humans who never comprehend the danger posed by these dark beasts. One thing provides the strength these select few desperately need if they are going to halt the incursion of this evil.

The Heretical Edge.

Note: Heretical Edge contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Feb 6, 2016

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"Magical School" genre done right.

By Whyknotzoidberg, author of Hotfoot

Feb 17, 2016: Ever since Harry Potter and The Tapestry series, I’ve loved me some magic academy fiction. I’ve devoured novel after novel of this type, and one thing I can say, is that it can be hard to pull it off. Characters can become boring and flat, teachers flip flop between literal godhood and laughable incompetence, and there are so many cliches that one can fall into.

Thankfully Heretical Edge does a great job delivering everything great about the genre.

[more . . .]

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Quickly Becoming One Of My Favorite Stories.

By Hendy853, member

Feb 19, 2016: Heretical Edge is an engaging, enjoyable read set in a well thought out and developed world populated largely by excellent characters.

Note: This review was written when the story was up to Chapter 6-03.

Characterization in this story is (largely) one of its strong points. All the main players (and most of the side players) have consistent, clear cut, and realistically flawed personalities that are interesting and play off each other well. [more . . .]

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Excellent story for people who like things

By Walter, author of The Fifth Defiance

Oct 6, 2016: Heretical Edge is a story that will remind you of everything, and I mean that in the best possible way.

HE is immediate kin of Harry Potter. A character discovers that the world they have known is just a muggle subset of the true world. They are introduced to the world at the same time as the readers, and discover that they are at the linchpin of world shaking events.

It is [more . . .]

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