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An amazing read. Always.

By Chillypepper, member

Jun 26, 2017: This was my third webnovel to read, and currently my first fiction to be reviewed. Ever. So I apologize if my review isn’t sufficient.

The story is set in a high fantasy world.

The story follows Zorian, the (kind of) middle child who’s 15(?? forgive me, it has been a long while since i read the first chapter :P) years old MC who has all those teenager ‘I hate my family’ thing going on.

It doesn’t help that his eldest brother is considered a genius, which leads to people comparing him to his brother as soon as they know his last name. (As well as another brother who is doing and living as he wants.)

So as every middle child, he can’t wait to get away from his family. the story begins on the day he returns to his school.

Zorian is a magic student at Cyoria’s academy and is at his third year. And a month after he returns, he witness an incident that involves one of his class mates, Zack, And a Lich. And following the incident, Zorian wakes up after the incident, but its not a new day. He wakes up a month earlier, the same day the story began for him, the day repeats in a similar manner as before, and after a month of time passes by, he is sent back to the same day yet again. He is stuck repeating a month over and over again. [Groundhog’s day as the description says. Great movie starring Bill Murray!!!]

Now for my personal opinion. I find this webnovel amazing, the time loop is executed so well. The MC moves between tasks in a pace that refresh the plot instead of falling into looping as one might think.

The grammar is as far as I can tell is amazing. I can’t judge someone with grammar better than mine anyway!

There are no romantic interests so far, but i prefer my novels romance free so its a plus in my books!

My only complaint about this novel is the update rate, (and the lack of the Lich scenes!!!) it still deserves a full score. I don’t care about update rate as long as its well written. I will still crave more chapters after I finish one. And it’s always a celebration when it updates!

In short, An amazingly written fantasy novel with lovable characters, a good magic system, and an amazing plot twist! Recommending this to everyone like a zealot.

Enjoy your read.

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